What Are Some Healthy Drinks for Children?


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Healthy drinks for children include water, club soda, seltzer and water-flavored with sliced fruits or vegetables. Other healthy drinks for kids include 100 percent pasteurized fruit juice and milk.

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One-hundred percent pasteurized fruit juices are healthy when consumed in moderation, but fruit drinks that contain significant amounts of added sugar, calories and artificial coloring should be avoided. Kids between the ages of one and six should only drink four to six ounces of juice daily. Older children and teenagers may drink between eight and 12 ounces of juice daily.

Because milk contains significant amounts of vitamin D and calcium, it is also a healthy beverage option when consumed in the proper amounts. Experts recommend that kids between the ages of two and eight should consume approximately two cups of milk daily, and older children and teenagers may have up to three. Children over the age of two should drink low or non-fat milk.

Because soda contains significant amounts of added sugar and empty calories, children should not drink it, even in small amounts. Studies have shown that drinking soda can cause behavioral problems, as well as numerous physical health issues. Children should never drink energy drinks, and they should only consume sports drinks on rare occasions to encourage hydration, if at all.

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