What Are the Health Risks of Dimethicone?


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The health risks of dimethicone include irritation, redness, burning and stinging, states WebMD. The source reminds patients that doctors prescribe this medicine on the basis that its benefits outweigh the side effects. If side effects worsen, patients should consult a health care provider.

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Many patients experience no side effects when using dimethicone, but they should seek medical attention in case of allergic reactions such as rash, swelling, trouble breathing and severe dizziness, advises WebMD. Before using dimethicone, patients should tell their doctors if they are breast-feeding, pregnant or planning to get pregnant, warns Drugs.com. Doctors should also know the dietary supplements and other medicines patients are taking, and if they have allergies, open wounds, serious burns or irritating skins.

Patients should check the label on dimethicone for instructions and use it as directed, notes Drugs.com. They should wash and dry the area and apply just enough of the medicine. This medicine is for external use only, and if it gets on in the eyes, patients should rinse with cool tap water immediately.

People use dimethicone to prevent itchy, rough, irritating and dry skin, resulting from a loss of water on the upper layer of skin, says WebMD. This forms an oily layer on the skin, making the skin to trap water and feel softer and smoother.

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