Are There Health Risks for Diabetics Who Drink Coconut Water Regularly?


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There is no evidence suggesting that diabetics who drink coconut water regularly are at risk and, in fact, it is lower in sugar than other beverages, notes WebMD. Diabetics need to consult their dieticians about how much fruit juice to consume, explains the American Diabetes Association.

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Coconut water is the liquid from inside the coconut, which is actually a fruit that contains fewer calories than other juices, according to the Mayo Clinic. Since diabetics need to watch the amount and frequency of fruit consumption, they should be aware that a single 8-ounce glass of coconut water has 45 to 60 calories. Multiple servings of coconut water daily can add up in terms of extra calories. If this exceeds the diabetic's daily calorie needs, it can add up to an extra five pounds per year.

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