What Are Some Health Questions to Ask Your Doctor?


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Health questions to ask the doctor include, "What's my diagnosis?", "Will I need tests?" and "What treatment options are available to me?" Patients who provide as much information as possible to a doctor during a visit can greatly improve their quality of care. This also means asking the right questions, as the answers can help to provide the patient with a clearer picture of their overall health and goes a long way in building up doctor-patient trust, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

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What Are Some Health Questions to Ask Your Doctor?
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Doctor's visits are often rushed, which can leave a patient feeling confused and unclear about their health needs or medical condition. As such, asking questions is a vital part of any health care visit, and if the provider does not ask if there is a need for clarification, it is important for the patient to speak up.

Particularly when a doctor recommends surgery for a disease, condition or injury, the patient should ask, "Are there other ways of treating my condition besides surgery?" or "How often have you performed this kind of surgery?" Another important question to ask is, "Do I need to change my daily routine to facilitate my healing?"

When possible, the patient should always ask their doctor for brochures or written instructions that will help facilitate learning about a disease or condition, says the AHRQ. Overall, the patient should always be their doctor's main concern and if a doctor seems bothered by these questions and requests, it may be time to find another doctor. Asking questions makes the patient part of the medical team.

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