What Health Problems Are Caused by Being Too Skinny?

According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, health problems that are caused by being too skinny include under-nourishment, higher risk of osteoporosis, lack of iron, feelings of tiredness, a weakened immune system, and in females, irregular menstruation and fertility issues. FamilyDoctor.org adds that being underweight can also inhibit growth and lead to hair loss as well as tooth problems.

The National Health Service notes that people who are too skinny are likely not getting critical nutrients such as calcium. Calcium is essential for proper bone development, and a deficiency puts people more at risk for osteoporosis later in their lives. Anaemia deficiency results from not having enough iron, and it also makes people feel exhausted. They are also more prone to illnesses such as the common cold because their immune systems are not functioning on full power.

Mayo Clinic recommends a few strategies for healthfully gaining weight. They include consuming foods that are full of nutrients. Examples are meat, brown rice, almonds, fruits and sunflower seeds. Eating five or six mini meals throughout the day instead of one or two large meals may also help. Smoothies and shakes are also good ways to get nutrients. Strength training and yoga also help build muscle.