What Are the Health Benefits of Using Gotu Kola?


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Gotu kola is possibly useful for the treatment of venous insufficiency resulting from poor blood circulation in the legs, according to WebMD. People use gotu kola for its possible treatment of atherosclerosis, mental functions, increased blood circulation in diabetics and reduction of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy.

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Gotu kola can help with venous insufficiency by improving blood flow and reducing swelling in the legs, explains Healthline. Venous insufficiency inhibits the proper flow of blood from the heart to the feet. A four-to-eight week oral intake of a specific amount of gotu kola may help decrease the return of blood to the heart from the legs and feet, reports WebMD.

Gotu kola may help treat varicose veins by stimulating production of elastin and collagen as it contains triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica, which promotes strengthening of the walls and internal lining of the veins, states Healthline. Gotu kola can help the skin look healthier since elastin and collagen promote the growth of healthy skin during aging.

Gotu kola has been in use by traditionalists as a treatment for several health problems and as an aphrodisiac, notes Drugs.com. There is little evidence to support claims of gotu kola's effectiveness in the treatment of blood flow problems, skin disorders and enhancement of memory.

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