What Are the Health Benefits of Using Ganoderma?


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Ganoderma boosts the immune system and helps to cure the flu and other viral infections, according to WebMD. It also helps with asthma, heart disease and liver disease, and it is used to treat kidney disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Ganoderma is used to treat HIV/AIDS, sleep disorders, stomach ulcers, altitude sickness, poisoning and pain from herpes, according to WebMD. The chemicals in ganoderma may work against cancer tumors. Ganoderma is blended with herbs to treat prostate cancer, and with green tea to fight breast cancer. Research shows that taking ganoderma increases T-cell production, which is integral to the immune system's defense against cancer cell proliferation, according to About.com.

Research suggests that ganoderma may ease inflammation of the airways due to allergies, as stated by About.com. It is also used as a stress reliever and an energy and stamina booster. Ganoderma may also increase antioxidant levels, which reduce the effects of aging and prevent disease. Other common applications for ganoderma include acne, weight loss, the common cold, hair loss and lyme disease.

Before taking ganoderma, it is important for patients to speak with a health care professional, according to About.com. Ganoderma may interact with medications or medical conditions. Pregnant women should not take ganoderma.

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