What Are the Health Benefits of Swimming?


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According to WebMD, swimming is a whole-body, low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints and does not cause discomfort. It is both a cardiovascular workout and a strength workout in one.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Swimming?
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As stated by WebMD, swimming is an ideal form of exercise for the physically fit and those with physical limitations. When swimming, the water is gentle on sore, fragile and stiff joints that would otherwise be hurt during land-based exercises. For example, obese and arthritic people are able to exercise in the water because of the cushioning effect the water provides. Injured athletes often find refuge in the pool because swimming allows them to continue to stay in shape but is also forgiving on their injuries.

Indoor pool areas are generally very hot and humid, which also allows those with exercise-induced asthma to exercise without suffering from complications due to their asthma.

Swimming also provides a cardio workout and a strength workout at the same time. Swimming helps tone every part of the body because the entire body is used to swim. All major muscle groups (abs, legs, hips, arms, chest and shoulders) work together when one swims and the water causes resistance against the swimmer. The resistance provided by the water results in a fantastic and highly effective strength workout.

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