What Are the Health Benefits of Silica?


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Health benefits of silica include increased bone density and strength when bones are formed, according to WebMD. A silica deficiency results in deformed skulls, bones and joints, reduced levels of collagen and cartilage, and mineral imbalances in the vertebrae and femurs, explains a study published on PubMed.

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Humans generally absorb silica in the form of orthosilicic acid, which exists in bones and many other tissues, including the liver, aorta, kidneys and tendons. As of June 2015, there is no recommended dietary allowance for consuming silica, but strong evidence shows that the mineral is vital for good health, explains the study published on PubMed. Studies of osteoporosis patients taking 40 milligrams of silica daily by mouth as a supplement show a link to stronger bones, notes WebMD.

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