What Are the Health Benefits of Saffron Extract?

Early research suggests that the health benefits of saffron extract include prevention of premature ejaculation and male infertility and acting as an expectorant, according to WebMD. It may also aid in weight loss, relieve premenstrual syndrome and help in treating depression, reports About.com.

Taking saffron extract has shown possible effectiveness in relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome after two menstrual cycles. It may improve the number and duration of erections and enhance sperm function in men, states WebMD. Saffron reportedly helps regulate appetite and reduce cravings. Studies show it may also increase levels of serotonin chemical in the brain. Serotonin improves mood, thus prevents compulsive overeating and related weight gain, notes About.com. Saffron seems to decrease symptoms of major depressive disorder, although further study is needed, says Healthline.

Saffron is also used to treat asthma, psoriasis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and flatulence, although there is insufficient research to show its efficacy in these areas, adds WebMD.