What Health Benefits Have Been Reported by Users of USANA Vitamins?


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People who take USANA vitamins have reported a higher level of energy, particularly among those who have gluten intolerance and other digestive issues and haven't been able to tolerate other vitamins, reports Amazon.com. Other positive changes include a decrease in fatigue and healing of ongoing leg and back pain.

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As of 2015, a bottle of 224 USANA Essentials vitamins costs $48.88 on Amazon.com. Of the 39 reviews on this product, 31 rated it 5 stars out of 5, and the average rating was 4.7. One of the criticisms was the high cost of the vitamins, notes Amazon.com.

One of the less common claims is that a person who had widespread skin cancer found that his skin improved its appearance after taking USANA vitamins. More common claims include feelings of productivity and fitness, with a reduction in fatigue levels, as stated by Amazon.com.

Several purchasers talked about how USANA was the first supplement that they had been able to take on a regular basis because of their gastrointestinal issues. One specifically mentioned the benefits for people with gluten intolerance, while others discussed more general gastrointestinal symptoms. Another claim mentions that taking a couple of the supplements before consuming a lot of alcohol reduces the risk of a hangover, according to Amazon.com.

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