What Are the Health Benefits of Milking the Prostate?


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Milking the prostate can produce health benefits such as increased blood flow in the prostate gland, higher testosterone levels and enhanced levels of sexual pleasure, according to the Prostate Health Center. Prostate milking may also help reverse incidents of an enlarged prostate in older men.

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When blood flow is increased in the prostate gland due to prostate milking, more nutrients and oxygen reach the gland, which causes toxins and bacteria to filter out, explains the Prostate Health Center. A reduction in bacteria and toxins in the prostate gland can help to prevent prostatitis and prostate inflammation. When testosterone levels are increased as a result of prostate milking, the prostate gland shrinks and can potentially increase a growth spurt or enlargement of the prostate gland, which is a common medical condition for aging men. An enlarged prostate occurs when an increase of estrogen, rather than testosterone, appears in the bloodstream.

Some men experience enhanced sexual pleasure and ejaculations as a result of milking the prostate, according to the Prostate Health Center. When the blood flow is increased in the prostate gland and muscles are relaxed during the massaging of the prostate, some men experience larger erections, more sexual pleasure and a greater blood flow to the penis.

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