What Are Some Health Benefits of Linseed or Flaxseed When Consumed?


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As of 2015, emerging research indicates that potential health benefits of flaxseed may include protection against cancer, lowering cholesterol levels, improving blood sugar and preventing hot flashes, states Medical News Today. Flaxseed contains dietary fiber, omega-3, vitamin B1 and micronutrients.

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Experts believe that flaxseed may prevent the formation of new tumors and disrupt cancerous cells from clinging onto other body cells, protecting against colon, breast and prostate cancers, reports Medical

News Today. Soluble fiber in flaxseed lowers glucose and blood cholesterol levels, while insoluble fiber helps to move contents quickly along the digestive tract.

Flaxseed may also improve clogged arteries; menopausal symptoms, such as bone mineral density; and kidney problems in patients with kidney inflammation, or lupus nephritis, explains Mayo Clinic. Additional research is necessary to evaluate the benefits of flaxseed.

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