What Are the Health Benefits of Ingesting Bee Pollen Granules?


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Bee pollen granules contain protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals, but not in significant amounts. No scientific evidence backs up claims that nutritional bee pollen cures allergies, asthma, alcoholism or anything else it's touted to treat, according to WebMD.

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People ingest bee pollen to enhance athletic ability, increase stamina, ward off the effects of aging, lose weight and increase appetite. People use bee pollen to treat premenstrual syndrome, prostate problems, radiation sickness, rheumatism and other medical conditions, even though there is no scientific proof that ingested pollen can cure these or any other health condition, says WebMD.

Bee pollen is not made by bees. Worker bees collect pollen from a variety of plants and flowers, so no two batches are exactly alike, according to WebMD.

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