What Are Some Health Benefits of Hyssop?


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Patients suffering from conditions that cause poor blood circulation, such as rheumatism, gout and arthritis, benefit from hyssop use because it stimulates circulation, according to Organic Facts. Hyssop facilitates the treatment of abrasions and cuts by preventing wounds from becoming septic or by eliminating the risk of tetanus infections. Hyssop speeds up healing of cuts and makes scar marks from boils or chickenpox less noticeable. When applied on the skin, hyssop treats frostbite and irritations, says WebMD.

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Hyssop prevents the deposition of phlegm in the respiratory tract and helps treat infections, such as the common cold, according to Organic Facts. Hyssop works as an astringent, which causes blood vessels, muscles or tissues to constrict and lessen the sagging of skin due to aging, wrinkling or hemorrhaging. It provides spasmodic relief to patients with severe coughs, and by reducing muscle spasms, hyssop helps treat cramps.

Hyssop stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile, which help in breaking down complex proteins and other foods. Hyssop optimizes the absorption of digested nutrients by stimulating peristaltic motion. The diuretic properties of hyssop speed up the removal of excess water and sodium from the body, states Organic Facts. By opening up clogged skin cells, hyssop facilitates perspiration, which clears toxins, water and salts from the body.

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