What Are the Health Benefits of Green Barley?

What Are the Health Benefits of Green Barley?


Green barley is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is thought to boost energy and immunity. It is believed to help prevent cancer and lower cholesterol.

The minerals found in green barley include potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and copper. Other minerals in green barley include phosphorus, manganese, zinc and beta carotene. In addition, green barley includes vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, as well as folic acid and pantothenic acid. These nutrients support healthy blood and circulation.

Green barley is also extremely high in sodium, which helps with digestion. It contains double the amount of protein found in an equivalent dosage of wheat germ. A major benefit of using green barley as a source of protein as opposed to animal meat is that barley does not contain fat.

Barley grass is thought to aid in the prevention of cancer by protecting human tissue cells against carcinogens. It has been suggested that chlorophyll, a nutrient present in high amounts in barley grass, rids the intestine of accumulated toxins. There is, however, no scientific data that supports the use of barley grass as cancer-preventing medicine.

Testing and clinical data have shown lowered cholesterol levels in animals due to barley grass intake. However, more studies are needed to show if barley helps lower cholesterol in humans.