What Are the Health Benefits of Gelatin?


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According to Organic Facts, gelatin may support bone and joint health, boost the immune system, help to regulate the metabolism, aid in digestion, reduce allergies and aid sleep. While no official studies on the health benefits of gelatin have been conducted, many people in the natural health community believe in its benefits.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Gelatin?
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While gelatin is used to make the popular dessert, Jello, the type of gelatin used in health communities is the powder form. Made of collagen from animal by-products, gelatin powder contains protein, water and mineral salts. It is also a good source of amino acids, and because gelatin is made up of animal proteins, it is easy for the body to break down. Gelatin may also help support weight loss as it speeds up the metabolism and helps people to feel full.

The amino acid glycine found in gelatin helps reduce inflammation in the body and encourages wound healing. Similarly, the keratin in gelatin promotes healthy nail and hair growth.

Adding gelatin to other foods such as salads, smoothies, broths, oatmeal, meats and other dishes is an easy way to work it into a diet. Found in health food stores, gelatin bonds with water and does not affect the taste of foods. Some possible side effects of using gelatin include gas, bloating and upset stomach.

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