What Are Some Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Coconut Water?


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Pure coconut water hydrates the drinker, provides a large amount of potassium and doesn't contain much sugar or sodium. Drinking it during or after physical activity replenishes body fluids.

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What Are Some Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Coconut Water?
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Water, coconut water and sports drinks are all effective methods of rehydrating during or after physical activity. However, water is sufficient for the level of exercise performed by most adults. Carbohydrates that the body absorbs quickly are typically only needed after multiple hours of exercise in hot weather conditions. In these situations, water, coconut water and sports drinks don't provide enough sodium or carbohydrates. A healthy snack, such as a banana or raisins, provides the nutrients needed.

In a study, coconut water enhanced with sodium is just as effective at post-exercise rehydration as sports drinks. Another study shows that coconut water is easier to consume and causes less nausea.

Coconut water has low calories and no fat or cholesterol. It has 1.3 grams of sugar per ounce. Certain brands of coconut water have juices or sugar added.

Multiple celebrities and athletes endorse coconut water, including John Isner, a professional tennis player. He credits coconut water with keeping him hydrated and preventing cramps during hot, humid conditions. Isner had a deal with Vita Coco, a coconut water brand.

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