What Are the Health Benefits of Doing a Liver Cleanse?


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Health benefits of a liver cleanse include improving overall health, more energy and the regulation of blood sugar, according to Sarah Siddons for HowStuffWorks. Other benefits include lowering cholesterol and relief from allergies, gallstones and hepatitis.

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In addition to maintaining health, people who promote liver cleanses claim it also helps to relieve nausea, body aches and fatigue, explains Siddons. Critics of liver cleanses claim that all of these benefits do not come from a healthier liver. Instead, they come from the person reducing caffeine, fat, alcohol and processed foods, all of which are avoided during a liver cleanse. Though the benefits of a liver cleanse may improve health, there are also side effects such as vomiting and nausea.

Understanding how the liver works and functions can help a person learn what foods are good to eat during a liver cleanse, states Siddons. During the cleansing, people must avoid foods such as alcohol, and components of certain foods, such as sodium, cholesterol, fat and sugar. These foods do not promote healthy eating habits, and they are harmful to the liver. Also, people on this cleanse must avoid deli meat, red meat, caffeine and soda. Foods that are good to eat when cleansing the liver include fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and foods that contain nutrients such as vitamins C and E, fiber and zinc.

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