What Are Some Health Benefits of CoQ10?


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CoQ10, or coenzyme Q10, promotes healthy cell function, combats free radicals, reduces heart failure, muscle disorders and cancer and can even boost exercise performance. Conenzyme Q10 exists in all cells in the body, and functions much like a vitamin, say experts at WebMD. This versatile enzyme is used as part of a comprehensive treatment therapy for many diseases and disorders, including cancer and muscular dystrophy.

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Coenzyme Q10 is produced naturally in people who are healthy, but those with certain ailments have lower levels, and often need supplementation. Although Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful and beneficial supplement, experts stress that it is useful as a complementary substance for other disease treatments, and that research for Q10's effects for treating certain conditions is pending, notes WebMD. This is especially true for heart failure and cancer treatments, where Q10 is used as a secondary treatment device to improve immune system function instead of treating the condition.

In addition to cancer and heart failure, coenzyme Q10 shows promise in alleviating symptoms of other conditions, reports Mayo Clinic. Some studies suggest that adding Q10 to treatments for Alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure and eye diseases can control symptoms, provided patients take Q10 in addition to primary medications. Most people take Q10 in supplement form, but it occurs naturally in certain foods, such as heart, kidney and liver meats, soy products, peanuts, mackerel and beef.

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