What Are the Health Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil?


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Copaiba balsam and essential oils treat urinary tract infections, bronchitis, bladder infections, diarrhea and other conditions, but there is not enough evidence to rate their effectiveness, according to WebMD. Copaiba oil might help kill germs, reduce inflammation and relieve congestion. While copaiba is likely safe when taken in food amounts, the product is unsafe for use as a medicine. Potential side effects of copaiba oil include severe stomach pain, vomiting, tremors and insomnia.

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Copaiba essential oil can act as a pain reliever, diuretic, antibacterial agent and skin treatment, notes Organic Facts. The oil can be an analgesic, both as an aromatherapy treatment and applied directly to the skin. The product purportedly loosens muscles, alleviates joint pain and reduces discomfort from headaches, including migraines. One of the most important purported health benefits of copaiba oil is its ability to reduce wrinkles and other blemishes by tightening the skin. Copaiba essential oil may reduce blood pressure and help prevent strokes and heart disease by relieving tension in blood vessels.

When used as an aromatherapy treatment, copaiba essential oil may help relieve respiratory congestion by relaxing tense muscles and glands. Copaiba essential oil may prevent infection in wounds and treat athlete's foot and nail fungus, reports Organic Facts.

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