What Are Some Health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10?


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Benefits of ingesting coenzyme Q10 supported by research include correction of a CoQ10 deficiency, treatment of chronic heart failure and treatment of high blood pressure, according to Mayo Clinic. People also use CoQ10 to treat a variety of other conditions, including neurological and circulatory conditions, notes WebMD.

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Some people claim that using CoQ10 as a dietary supplement improves various conditions, including congestive heart failure, diabetes, gum disease and breast cancer, reports WebMD. Additionally, people claim CoQ10 benefits those with Huntingtonメs disease, Parkinsonメs disease, muscular dystrophy, chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease.

Advocates of the dietary supplement claim that CoQ10 is a disease-fighting antioxidant, explains Lisa Freedman for Men's Fitness. As of May 2015, preliminary studies indicate the use of CoQ10 is beneficial in treating migraine headaches and cancer.

The body naturally makes CoQ10, and the vitamin-like chemical is found throughout the body, especially in the heart, lungs, pancreas and liver, states WebMD. Because CoQ10 plays a role in cells' production of ATP, a molecule that stores energy, some people believe CoQ10 increases energy levels. The supplement is used to improve the immune system and help increase a person's life span, though scientific evidence does not yet support this use of CoQ10.

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