What Are Some of the Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea?


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Chamomile tea can help ease stomach cramps and help a person to sleep better, according to WebMD. When infused into a bath, chamomile can also help soothe certain types of skin irritation and encourage wounds to heal.

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There are two main types of chamomile. Roman chamomile is the type usually made into a tea to treat stomach problems, including nausea and heartburn, according to WebMD. There is also some evidence that drinking this tea can ease menstrual cramps. It is the type most commonly used to encourage healthy sleep by drinking it before bed.

German chamomile is the type that is most effective against infection. While this type is often used topically, research has shown that drinking it as a tea may help improve immune function, reports ScienceDaily. German chamomile tea may also help fight minor infections, such as colds. This type of chamomile may be effective for menstrual cramps. Participants in a British study drank 5 cups of chamomile tea daily to achieve these effects, but the effects were noticeable for up to two weeks after they stopped drinking the tea.

Like most herbal remedies, chamomile tea should be treated with some caution, reports Drugs.com. People with ragweed pollen allergies may need to avoid it, and it may have adverse reactions with some medications. People should consult their doctor before using it in significant amounts, especially if they are pregnant or nursing.

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