What Are Some Health Benefits of Carob Powder?


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Carob contains antioxidants and fibers that help lower cholesterol levels, as Healthline and About.com report. Additionally, the tannins in carob are beneficial for treating diarrhea and settling an upset stomach.

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Carob contains antioxidant polyphenols and both soluble and insoluble types of fiber that help lower cholesterol. Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol levels by binding with cholesterol and reducing its absorption in the digestive tract, as Healthline explains.

A research study involving 88 people with high cholesterol found that participants who ate carob fiber twice daily for four weeks had significantly reduced levels of the harmful LDL type of cholesterol compared to those who consumed a placebo, according to About.com. Another study involving 55 participants with high cholesterol levels found that those who consumed two servings of bread and one fruit bar made with carob pulp daily had a greater reduction in LDL cholesterol after six weeks compared to the participants who did not consume foods containing carob pulp.

A research study involving adults and children found that the juice from carob beans was effective for resolving diarrhea, according to Healthline. Historically, carob has been used as a diarrhea remedy because the tannins in carob help ease diarrhea by thickening watery stool and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. Additionally, carob is beneficial for soothing the throat and vocal cords, and it was sold for this use by British chemists during the 19th century.

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