What Are the Health Benefits of Cardamom?


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Health benefits of cardamom include easing digestion, soothing nausea and heartburn, preventing gas, stimulating appetite and detoxification. It also helps with urinary system cleansing, prevention of colds, treatment of bronchitis. It is used as an anti-inflammatory and to improve circulation and dental health, and to treat some sexually transmitted diseases.

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Cardamom is an herb, and the seeds are used for medicinal purposes. For centuries, it has been used for various medical applications, particularly in Ayruvedic medicine. Because of its antioxidant properties, alternative medicine practitioners sometimes use it in cancer prevention and treatments in combination with other methods. In Ayruvedic medicine, cardamom is used as an aphrodisiac and in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and to relieve depression. Ayruvedic practitioners also use it to dissolve kidney and bladder stones.

Because of its cleansing and diuretic properties, it was sometimes used as a poison antidote. In Ayruvedic medicine, it is used in cooking, because diet is an important aspect of Ayruveda. It can also be ingested as a tea or a ground powder. Native to India, it is now widely used in herbal remedies and culinary dishes throughout the world. Traditionally, it is consumed after meals as a breath freshener in India.

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