What Are Some Health Benefits of Calamansi?


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Packed with Vitamin C, calamansi fruit juice strengthens the body's immune system, provides oral health benefits and aids in weight loss, according to Healthy Diet Base. When applied directly, it acts as a natural skin lightener.

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Juice from calamansi fruit relieves cold and flu symptoms and purifies the body by alleviating constipation and aiding in weight loss, notes Healthy Diet Base.

Calamansi juice offers oral health benefits by preventing tooth decay and bleeding gums, and it can be used as a natural breath freshener, according Healthy Diet Base. It is also a natural deodorant and can be applied to the scalp to minimize dandruff.

Further health benefits of calamansi fruit include aiding the body in nutrient absorption, lowering cholesterol and relieving mild allergy symptoms, states Naturally Proven.

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