What Are the Health Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid on the Prostate?


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Alpha-lipoic acid, also called lipoic acid, may benefit the prostate by helping to prevent cancer in the area. Lipoic acid is found in yams, yeast, carrots, red meat and other foods, states the American Cancer Society.

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People who consume alpha-lipoic acid generally eat vegetables and potatoes as well as red meat. As an antioxidant, lipoic acid may assist the body in preventing cancer everywhere, not just in the prostate, asserts the American Cancer Society. However, no direct scientific evidence has proven that lipoic acid is a cancer-fighting substance. The body produces lipoic acid on its own, but it makes less of the acid as the body ages.

Researchers believe lipoic acid may also prevent nerve damage in diabetics as well as lower blood sugar levels. Early studies have shown that lipoic acid may cause cancer cells to self-destruct, the American Cancer Society claims, but the antioxidant has not yet been tested on groups of humans, as of 2015. The acid may help to stave off the negative side effects of chemotherapy, as well.

Those who hope to consume more lipoic acid can safely eat it in food. Additionally, doctors say people can safely take 300 to 600 milligrams of lipoic acid a day. A few potential side effects include rashes and upset stomachs.

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