What Are the Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice?


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The health benefits of carrot juice consumption include improved immunity, protection against free-radical damage, blood sugar regulation, and protection of eye, brain and oral health, explains Dr. Axe. The beauty benefits lie mainly in enhancing skin health and delaying the effects of aging, according to Medical News Today.

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There is strong evidence that suggests that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants reduces heart disease and cancer risks and improves body immunity, reports Juicing For Health. Carrots contain many antioxidants, such as beta carotene, which are responsible for most of the carrot juice benefits, notes Dr. Axe. Beta carotene, combined with other nutrients contained in carrots, may also help regulate blood sugar and delay the effects of aging, according to Medical News Today. The high concentration of vitamin A is beneficial for people with an existing vitamin A deficiency, but there isn't sufficient proof regarding the general improvement of vision, as of 2015.

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