How Do You Heal Nerve Damage After Delivery?

Nerve damage as a result of perineal tears during childbirth is treated with physical therapy techniques to strengthen and stretch the pelvic floor muscles, according to Practical Pain Management. Ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can also help heal nerve damage after delivery.

As of 2015, research suggests that low-level laser therapy may help rehabilitate nerve damage from delivery, according to Practical Pain Management. Laser therapy helps rehabilitate the nerves and alleviate soft tissue injuries, scar pain, trigger points and tendinitis associated with postpartum complications. Soft tissue massage, stretching, scar mobilization and trigger point release exercises can also help to heal nerve damage caused during delivery.

After consulting with a physician, patients may engage in light exercise to relieve pain associated with nerve damage, according to WebMD. Exercise promotes blood flow to the nerves, especially within the legs and feet. A good night's sleep of at least eight hours can help women cope with nerve damage after delivery. Limit caffeine intake, and maintain a consistent bedtime to establish a pattern that encourages sleep. A warm bath may force nerves and muscles to relax. Warm water can increase blood flow to the legs temporarily, which may help ease stress and reduce pain from nerve damage.