How Do You Heal a Macular Pucker?


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In most cases, a macular pucker does not require treatment as the symptoms, such as blurriness and vision distortion, are mild, according to the National Eye Institute. Most people adjust to these symptoms as they are not severe enough to disrupt the individual's daily life. Surgery corrects severe cases.

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Macular pucker develops when scar tissue adheres to the retina and contracts, often causing no symptoms but sometimes resulting in vision problems, states the National Eye Institute. It is possible that a macular pucker heals on its own if the scar tissue detaches from the retina. Some who have a macular pucker attempt to use eye drops to clear up vision issues caused by this condition, but this does not work.

The only true treatment for more serious forms of macular pucker is surgery, explains the National Eye Institute. This step is considered when sight deteriorates enough to the point that it affects an individual's daily life. The surgery, known as a vitrectomy, is done under local anesthesia. The doctor performing the procedure removes the vitreous gel that is pulling on the retina and replaces it with a salt solution. In addition, the scar tissue that causes the wrinkling is removed. Following the operation, an eye patch needs to be worn to protect the eye, and medicated drops are used to fight off infection.

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