How Do You Heal Lower Back Torn Ligaments?

heal-lower-back-torn-ligaments Credit: BJI/Blue Jean Images/N/A/Getty Images

According to, the way to heal torn ligaments in the lower back involves taking anti-inflammatory pain medications, gently stretching the lower back, using ice packs and support belts and consulting a massage therapy if needed. Too much bed rest can actually worsen back pain, warns HealthDay. defines torn ligaments in the lower back as falling under the diagnosis of a lumbar sprain. Regardless of the cause of a lumbar sprain, treatment for the condition remains uniform. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs classified as NSAIDs, including brand names such as Aleve and Motrin, can help with the pain and swelling. Ice packs also help reduce pain and swelling.

Research as determined that too much bed rest can make back pain worse as it leads to muscle atrophy, preventing the back muscles from supporting weight and stress properly. After one or two days of rest a patient should reduce light duty, gently stretch out the area, and make use of a lumbar support belt if needed. Consulting a massage therapist or chiropractor can help to speed recovery as well. If pain spreads well beyond the lower back or increases to the point that a person cannot walk properly, a doctor should be consulted immediately.