How Do You Heal Ear Fungus?

Ear fungus may be treated with antifungal drops, but many more steps and precautions are required to keep the infection in check and eventually clear it up, according to It is important to keep the ears dry and clean in this situation.

This type of infection cannot be treated with antibiotics and may only be recognized when the infection fails to react to prescribed antibiotics, states Upon treating the condition, all debris and discharge must be removed from the ear canal so that the ear drops can work to their full capacity. Suction may be used when it is available. The ear requires cleaning several times a week during the course of the infection. The ears must be kept dry to avoid fueling the fungus. Administration of antifungal ear drops works toward ending the infection.

Ear fungus infections are more likely to occur in sub-tropical or tropical regions, in the summer, or when a person often engages in water sports, explains Aspergillus is the culprit in 90 percent of the infections; the rest of the time, Candida is to blame. Trauma to the ear from objects such as cotton swabs or hearing aids allows an infection like this to happen more easily.