How Do You Heal a Burnt Tongue?


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To heal a tongue burn, it is suggested rendering basic first aid following the burn, including rinsing the area, removing any particles from the burn and holding a clean wet cloth on the burn, according to Healthline. Healing can be helped by avoiding hot liquids that might irritate the burn, gargling with saltwater and sucking on ice chips or sprinkling sugar on the tongue to alleviate pain.

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It is advised that a physician should be consulted if the burn is extensive or if the symptoms of the burn do not improve after a few days, according to Healthline. Any signs of infection should also be evaluated by a physician, including increased redness, swelling of the tongue, fever or pus drainage from the burn site.

Be aware that a tongue burn can become infected if not identified and proper care is not administered timely. Both second- and third-degree burns should always be treated by a doctor. The taste buds can be destroyed due to a tongue burn, although usually, loss of sensation in the taste buds is only a temporary complication. Taste buds naturally regenerate themselves every couple of weeks.

Tongue burns can be avoided, by testing the temperature of hot beverages and foods before putting them in the mouth. Use extra caution when heating foods in the microwave, since microwaves tend to heat foods unevenly and may cause burns of the tongue.

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