How Do You Heal Bruises Quickly?


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Applying ice, eating fruits and vegetables, avoiding aspirin, and elevating the bruised help accelerate the healing of bruises, according to HowStuffWorks. Applying a warm compress or aloe vera and keeping the blood pressure low also help to heal a bruise quickly.

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How Do You Heal Bruises Quickly?
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Apply ice for to a bruise for 30 minutes as soon as an injury occurs for best results, advises HowStuffWorks. The ice helps to keep the swelling down, and this keeps the bruise at bay. Eating fruits and vegetables may also help to speed up the rate at which a bruise heals as these foods are easy to digest, and the body can focus on healing.

Aspirin serves as an anticoagulant that causes blood to spread, which can make a bruise larger and darker, explains HowStuffWorks; therefore, avoiding aspirin may also allow faster healing of a bruise. Elevating the bruise so that the blood flows away from the area also promotes healing as does applying a warm compress to the bruised area. The heat of the compress helps to open up the capillaries, increasing the response from the immune system. Aloe vera may also help to heal a bruise due to its restorative qualities, and keeping the blood pressure low also helps as those with low blood pressure are less prone to bruising.

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