How Do You Heal a Broken Toe?


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According to the National Library of Medicine, broken toe bones are a common injury that can be healed at home without surgery, providing it is not a serious injury, such as an injury that involves open wounds or results in the big toe appearing crooked. Self-care includes resting the injured foot, keeping it immobile and elevated, applying ice, and alleviating pain with an oral pain reliever.

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The National Library of Medicine suggests icing the affected area with non-direct contact every waking hour for 20 minutes for the first 24 hours and two to three times per day subsequently. Stabilize the break by wrapping the affected toe and its healthy neighbor together using medical tape, with clean cotton gauze placed in between to wick away moisture. Wearing a hard-bottomed shoe prevents further injury. However, do not return to normal activity before swelling disappears or without protective footwear. While all broken toes require the care of a physician, there are instances in which medical assistance needs to be acquired immediately. Those include injuries that result in a sudden loss of feeling or sudden onset of pain, tingling or swelling.

MedicineNet.com states further symptoms indicating the need for urgent medical attention include toes that are bleeding, cold to the touch, blue or gray in color, crooked or facing the wrong direction.

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