Do You Get Headaches When You Have Shingles?


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People who have shingles can experience headaches. Headaches are considered to be one of the early signs of shingles, according to the National Health Service.

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Aside from a headache, the other early symptoms of shingles include pain, burning pain, numbness and tingling in the affected area. The person may also have a feeling of being unwell and can have a fever, according to the NHS.

The symptoms of shingles occur in stages and can start with a headache or sensitivity to light. Flu symptoms may also be present. After that, rashes start to appear in the painful and itchy area. Eventually, these rashes turn into fluid-filled blisters form crusts, which signals that the shingles are healing, according to WebMD.com. From the onset of the early symptoms to the drying of the rashes, it can take two to four weeks of healing time.

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