What Are Some Head and Chest Cold Remedies?


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Some cold remedies include consuming ginger, honey and garlic, according to Healthline. Remedies for a chest cold include using a cool mist vaporizer, using a bronchodilator, undergoing oxygen therapy, resting and consuming plenty of fluids, notes Healthgrades. Remedies for head colds include decongestant nasal sprays and over-the-counter medications for pain relief, such as Tylenol, explains Everyday Health.

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Ginger is effective for relieving a cough or sore throat as well as for reducing feelings of nausea, reports Healthline. Honey works to soothe a sore throat, but it may also work as a cough suppressant. Honey also contains antibacterial ingredients. Garlic can reduce the symptoms of a cold, and it may also prove effective for cold prevention. It contains allicin, which fights off enzymes that contribute to various infections.

Doctors may prescribe bronchodilator inhalers to open up the airways of those experiencing difficulty breathing due to chest colds, states Healthgrades. Oxygen therapy is also a useful treatment for relieving shortness of breath and ensuring that organs such as the brain and heart receive enough oxygen.

Using nasal sprays, drops, humidifiers and steam adds moisture to the airways. This helps patients ease the pain from pressure and congestion that head colds cause, according to Everyday Health.

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