Is Having Mucous in Your Bowel Movements Ever Healthy?


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Small amounts of mucus in bowel movements is normal, but large amounts can be a sign of a gastrointestinal issue, according to Healthline. Dehydration, constipation and colon inflammation can result in excess mucus.in stool. The conditions may self-correct, or doctors may need to prescribe medication.

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The amount of mucus in stool typically changes when an individual has been sick or taken antibiotics, notes Healthline. If levels of mucus in the stool remain abnormal for more than a few weeks, individuals should seek medical help. A gastroenterologist can diagnose underlying problems and recommend appropriate treatment. Drinking plenty of water and eating probotic- and prebiotic-rich foods, colorful vegetables and fruits promotes colon health and helps keep stool mucus levels within normal range.

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