What Are the Harmful Effects of Junk Food on Teeth?

harmful-effects-junk-food-teeth Credit: Tamara Lackey/N/A/Getty Images

The harmful effects of junk food on teeth are numerous and include tooth decay as well as the disintegration of tooth enamel. Sugary drinks are a huge culprit as is sugary, non-nutritional junk food, according to Park Avenue Dental.

Many people are unaware that they are eating foods and practicing oral hygiene that might contribute to tooth decay. Some do this by grazing throughout the day on foods that have lots of added sugar and little nutritional value as well as drinking sugary soft drinks. Consuming lots of sugar throughout the day will lead to harmful effects on the teeth as sugar provides the food that bacteria needs to grow and produce acid, which will then eat the enamel on the teeth, leading to tooth decay and other mouth diseases.

Starches are also another way to speed up the tooth decay process. Starches are found in pretzels, bread, salad dressings and other grain-based products. While natural sugars and starches are considered good for you, the minimal nutritional products have extra added sugar and starches that are not good for you.

To avoid tooth decay, try to consume sugary drinks and sugary or starchy food with meals. Also work to limit the snacking in between meals and to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes three times a day.