Why Does It Get Harder for People to Lose Weight As They Age?


People find it harder to lose weight as they age due to a reduction in muscle mass, hormonal changes, lifestyle alterations and an increased difficulty in working out, Healthline states. However, there are ways people can overcome these changes to lose weight.

Several factors contribute to weight loss becoming harder as people age, according to Healthline. First, the older a person gets the less muscle mass they have, which means they find it harder to burn calories, which then turn into fat. A reduction in muscle mass also makes it harder for people to exercise, which makes weight loss difficult. Some people may also feel unmotivated, as a reduction in tone still leaves them looking soft even when they do work out. As women get older, hormonal changes may encourage weight to gather around the hips and abdomen, too.

Physical strains and lifestyle changes may also affect a person's ability to lose weight, Healthline claims. For example, as they find it harder to workout and recover from exercise, they may become more sedentary or they may need to try gentler exercises, leading to weight gain. When people retire, their lifestyle changes mean they spend less time exerting themselves. Despite these changes, it is possible to promote weight loss through a healthy diet, realistic goals and committing to an exercise plan.