What Do You Do If You Have a Hard Time Hearing Words Pronounced?


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Difficulty hearing words pronounced is a symptom associated with hearing loss, and it is best to see a doctor to discover the cause of the hearing loss, explains WebMD. Hearing loss that occurs with facial droop, severe vomiting or nausea, vision problems, numbness or paralysis is cause to call 911.

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Treatment for hearing loss varies, as some hearing loss is temporary and other loss is permanent, according to WebMD. Permanent hearing loss requires the use of special hearing implants or hearing devices. Hearing loss caused by an infection, medication, ear wax or autoimmune issue is normally successfully treated with appropriate medical intervention. For instance, antibiotics can clear up an infection and medication may be changed or discontinued.

Sudden or unexplained hearing loss is cause to call a doctor immediately, states WebMD. Other reasons to contact a doctor include hearing loss potentially caused by the buildup of ear wax, hearing loss after taking medication or having the flu, hearing loss after flying on a plane and hearing loss that worsens. Often, when a doctor suspects hearing loss, it is necessary for the patient to see an audiologist or otolaryngologist. In some cases, a doctor simply monitors the condition to see if it improves over time. Hearing loss can cause limitations at home, socially and in the workplace.

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