What Happens If You Do Not Get Treatment for a Swollen Leg?


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Mild leg swelling can be attributedto things like sitting for long periods, pregnancy, certain medications and a diet high in salt. There also are serious medical conditions that can cause leg edema, including kidney disease, heart failure, liver problems and vein disorders, relates the Mayo Clinic. Not treatingedema can lead to complications like a skin infection, leg ulcers andeven death, reports MedicineNet.

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Leg edema is a buildup of fluid that can make walking painful and difficult. It can also cause blood flow problems in the legs. The treatment options require addressing the underlying condition that is causing the edema and alleviating anyother symptoms. If a blood clot is the cause for the edema, then a doctor may prescribe a blood thinner, explains WebMD. Treatment options are dependent on the direct cause of leg edema.

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