What Happens When You Have All Your Teeth Removed?


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Low self-esteem, changes in facial appearance and impaired speech are outcomes of having all teeth removed, according to Complete Wellbeing. Older people are more prone to total loss of teeth due to age-related loss of tissue support for teeth.

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Complete loss of teeth contributes to a lack of confidence around people, reports Complete Wellbeing. An individual often wonders what others are going to think when they find out he is toothless, which makes it hard to speak or smile around people. This can severely impact on social life and career .

A complete set of teeth forms a support structure for facial muscles and tissues. Loss of teeth changes the facial structure due to loss of bone density and inconsistency of soft tissues. The facial bones reduce in height, and the jawbone begins to shrink, resulting in sunken cheeks, a shrunken jawline and hanging lips, explains Complete Wellbeing. You lose your original facial appearance, often looking older than your age.

The words and sounds a person produces depend a lot on the front teeth. Lack of teeth means there is no base for the formation of words and proper pronunciation. Your speech becomes slurred, and you often mispronounce words, explains Complete Wellbeing.

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