What Happens If You Swallow a Crown?


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If you swallow a crown, contact your dentist as soon as possible, and try regurgitating the crown or look for it in your bowel movements, according to WMDS and Real Self doctors. Swallowing a crown happens often and is rarely a cause for worry.

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Make an appointment with a dentist after swallowing a crown, as the crown may become lodged in the digestive tract, note Real Self doctors. A dentist can determine if an abdominal X-ray is needed, although pieces usually come out on their own. If there are breathing problems or if the crown is stuck in the throat, go to the emergency room to prevent complications. It is also possible that multiple pieces broke off and that the remaining tooth needs care as soon as possible.

An option to retrieve the crown is to regurgitate, according to WMDS. This can save money when getting the crown reattached and proves that nothing is stuck in the digestive tract. Alternatively, look for the crown in the stool, as it can save hundreds of dollars of replacement cost. Usually, the crown shows up in one to two days after swallowing it. It may help to eat some corn after swallowing the crown to locate it more easily in the stool.

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