What Happens When You Stop Eating Meat?


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One of the benefits of stopping red meat consumption is a lowered risk for developing diabetes, according to Harvard School of Public Health. Eating alternative sources of protein such as fish, nuts and low-fat dairy may decrease the risk for diabetes up to 35 percent, says Harvard.

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There are many health benefits associated with giving up red meat, reports Prevention magazine. Among them are reduced exposure to harmful hormones contained in many meat products and reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's, which is sometimes associated with high iron levels in the brain.

Eating red meat can also set off an unhealthy response in the immune system of a person carrying the gene for colorectal cancer, notes Prevention. Consequently, ceasing to eat red meat may decrease the risk of predisposed people getting the disease. The magazine adds that cutting out red meat may also provide emotional and psychological relief from misgivings about supporting an industry that in some cases participates in animal cruelty.

For pregnant and breast-feeding women, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia explains that avoiding red meat can lead to lowered levels of iron, zinc and B12 in the blood. They recommend eating foods such as dried fruit and beans to replace those nutrients and taking B12 supplements to ensure that the baby doesn't develop a B12 deficiency.

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