What Happens If You Get a Staph Infection While Pregnant?

Doctors treat Staph infections in pregnant women with antibiotics, according to Sandra Reichstetter, Ph.D., of SteadyHealth.com. They do this because there is a risk of a Staph infection spreading to other parts of the body and because it can put the mother at risk for a more serious infection.

There is no evidence that a Staph infection in a pregnant woman increases the risk of birth defects or miscarriage, according to Dr. Reichstetter; however, there is a risk, though very small, that the infection spreads to different areas in the body, including the fetus, or that the bacteria infects the baby at birth. Many antibiotics are safe for use during pregnancy, but many have negative effects on a developing baby. For this reason, it is important for a pregnant woman seeking medical treatment for a Staph infection to disclose the pregnancy to ensure that she receives appropriate treatment.

While pregnant women are more susceptible to Staph infections and complications from Staph infections, frequent hand washing minimizes risk, according to Dr. Reichstetter. It is best to avoid the shared use of personal items, such as towels and razors and always cover wounds using bandages to prevent the spread of a Staph infection.