What Happens in the Seventh Month of Pregnancy?

happens-seventh-month-pregnancy Credit: Nickolai KiAlga/E+/Getty Images

During the seventh month of pregnancy, a baby's sense of hearing is fully developed, and she begins to respond to pain, light and sound, says WebMD. Her lungs are reaching maturation, and she changes positions more frequently as well. WebMD says that a baby born prematurely during the seventh month of pregnancy is likely to survive.

At the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy, or the start of the third trimester, the baby begins to accumulate fat deposits, says The Bump. Her skin becomes less wrinkly as she begins to fill out.

The baby's eyelashes begin developing as her fat stores build up, says About.com. For male babies, the testes often descend in the seventh month. During the 28th week of pregnancy, many babies naturally begin to turn head-down in order to prepare for birth, explains About.com. The babies seem to prefer this position, according to the site.

The mother also experiences significant changes during the seventh month of pregnancy. As the baby continues to grow, the mother may have to urinate more frequently, says The Bump. A mother's breasts start to leak colostrum, a precursor to milk. The Bump lists headaches, heartburn, constipation, swelling and trouble breathing as common problems experienced by the mother in the seventh month of pregnancy.