What Happens When You Roll Your Ankle?


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When the ankle rolls, it may lead to an ankle sprain because it can cause a ligament injury. Ligament damage can occur when the ankle rolls either outward or inward and ligaments stretch or tear, states WebMD. The severity of an ankle sprain is dependent on the extent of the injury.

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Mild sprains may lead to swelling, some pain and tenderness in the affected ankle, but it is possible to still place weight on the foot and walk. This is not always the case when there is a serious ankle sprain because symptoms include severe pain, inflammation at the ankle joint and bruising, and walking on the foot may not be possible according to Family Doctor.

Treatment for a mild sprain can include pain relievers, resting or not placing weight on the affected ankle, using ice compresses to relieve inflammation and wrapping the ankle in a bandage. A torn ligament may require a surgical procedure.

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