What Happens If a Person Doesn't Eat for a Week?

A person who fails to eat for a week may become weak because the body does not have the energy it requires. This affects nearly all the body organs, which depend on food to get energy and nutrients, as stated by the Center for Young Women's Health. People tend to avoid eating because of the fear of gaining weight, which may lead to a condition called anorexia nervosa.

The skin may become dry if the body is not well hydrated. Lack of vitamins and minerals may also lead to dehydration. When a person fails to eat, the bones tend to be weak due to low levels of calcium and hormones, thus increasing the risk of fractures. The heart may become weak due to low energy levels leading to poor blood circulation. A person may experience trouble in paying attention or thinking clearly because the functionality of the brain is affected. The temperature of the body lowers to conserve energy, and this may affect the flow of blood to the toes and fingers.

Typically, failing to eat for a week can lead to several problems that will decrease the general health of the body. It is advisable not to avoid eating, as it can turn into a habit that becomes hard to overcome, as stated by Mayo Clinic.