What Happens When You Take Too Much of Vitamin K?

There is not enough evidence to show the effects of taking too much of vitamin K, as stated by NHS. Vitamin K is considered to be safe when injected or taken by mouth and is found in several foods, including Brussels sprouts, green vegetables and broccoli. Vitamin K is used for a variety of purposes especially conditions that affect the skin, as stated by WebMD.

Vitamin K is required in the body since it reduces clotting of blood, which allows a wound to heal quickly. It is also believed that vitamin K helps in making the bones strong.

Adults are advised to take 0.001mg of vitamin K in day for each kilogram of their weight. For example, a person weighing 66kg will need 0.066mg of vitamin K each day. Excess vitamin K is stored in the liver for future use.

A person can get enough vitamin K by eating a balanced diet. For those who use vitamin K supplements, it is advisable not to use it excessively as it may cause harm to the body. A person using Warfarin is advised to seek medical advice since it interacts with vitamin K. A doctor may recommend a higher dosing of vitamin K for a person suffering from bleeding disorders.